About us

Evergreen Solar Systems India Private Limited founded in 2010 to cater the renewable energy sectors and contribute towards reducing the carbon emission in the earth. We have set up our 20 MW state of the art Solar Module/Panel manufacturing facility at Coimbatore the second largest city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Another 20 MW line is under progress which is going to be commissioned in next 3 months. The group company has a strong base in Yarn, Textile and fiber textile manufacturing since 70years and running successfully having turnover of USD 200 mil. The group has already established global presence countries like USA, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, South Africa and United Kingdom.

We have selected the world's renowned and best equipment manufacturer SPIRE CORPORATION, USA for our turn key project of entire 40MW Capacity.

  • We Manufacture High Efficiency Crystalline Solar Panel with International standard quality.
  • We produce the range of solar panels between 3 Wp to 310 Wp.
  • Our Solar panels will be catering to the Rooftops, On grid and Off grid electrification, solar power projects, telecommunication and other applications.
  • We will be going to establish the solar power project in the state of Tamilnadu, India where we can contribute to reduce the power crisis in India and will participate to avail solar projects in rest of the India gradually.
  • We have vision to have backward integration production of Solar Cell, Si-wafer, and Ingot and Poly Silicon.

Evergreen Solar Systems India Private Limited the name itself describing that we are going to serve the world with entire range of Solar Systems.

Our Aim

"To become the global leader in the solar industry by providing Solar Energy solutions that are cost competitive, reliable, innovative & sustainable to our customers worldwide to have a backward integration production of Solar Cell, Si-wafer, Ingot and Poly silicon."

Our Responsibility

To motivate the entire world to reduce the carbon emission with the help of renewable energy by means of Solar Power. We are having vision to produce high efficiency Crystalline Solar Panel and carry out solar power generation projects. We are constantly working towards empowering our world with the power of sun.

Our Values

To get appreciation for our quality products for which we have given our entire efforts to manufacture with care . We are dedicated to deliver the high quality standard and advance competitiveness of photovoltaic solar panels through innovative business approach, operational excellence and technological expertise.